WeAreMedia Workshop: Pre-Workshop Activity

Monday, January 5, 2009

Who We Are

We are Kristen and Rob from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.

Kristen Byers
New Media Development Specialist
Kristen leads and collaborates in the development of web and new media content initiatives. She also helps others develop digital media production skills.

Rob Horgan
Enrollment Manager
Rob manages the recruiting office's presence on both English and foreign language social networking sites, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

MIIS is currently using social media in a variety of ways:

Blogs: MIIS uses a variety of student and staff blogs. One of these blogs, the Monterey Focus, combines the RSS feeds of several blogs to create a more comprehensive resource for students, faculty, and staff.

Delicious: This social bookmarking tool has been used by several staff members to share useful websites with one another. We hope to expand on this idea with the debut of a new student portal; we would like to see a delicious portion where students can begin collecting links to digital resources for portfolio development purposes.

Facebook: The Institute currently manages a Facebook page with over 1,600 fans. The Facebook page is used to promote upcoming events, aggregate MIIS-related RSS feeds, and allow prospective/current students and alumni to network.

Flickr: MIIS has a Flickr account containing a modest 307 public photos. Steps are in place to turn this into a much larger photo repository in the near future.

iTunes U: MIIS recently debuted a public presence on iTunes U. We have also started an initiative called "Global Voices" to help populate our iTunes U site with interesting content.

LinkedIn: The MIIS LinkedIn Group welcomes all current students, faculty, and alumni for professional development networking.

Ning: Bob Cole recently created a Ning to use as a class space for MW 580: Digital Media For Change. We are curious to see how he uses Ning to enhance his series of workshops.

Twitter: The recruiting office recently created a Twitter account and we are currently researching how to tweet effectively.

Yammer: Yammer is the communication tool of choice among many staff members at the Institute. It's great for sharing ideas and events and encourages collaboration across departments.

YouTube: The MIIS YouTube channel, organized into a variety of playlists, offers a glimpse at the diverse fields of study offered at MIIS.

Personal Experience Using Social Media

Kristen is a blogger of 10 years and has been a member of Facebook since August 2004. She is also an avid Twitter user and maintains an active profile on LinkedIn.

Rob is intrigued by social media, although he is relatively new to some of it. Rob helps manage the MIIS presences on Facebook, mixi (a Japanese social networking site), and YouTube. He is a member of LinkedIn and is also familiar with Second Life. Right now Rob is trying to understand the Twitter phenomenon. Maybe you can help him?

The Future of Social Media @ MIIS

The main MIIS website is currently undergoing an extensive redesign. We would like to make media (including social media) the main focus of the new site. By attending the WeAreMedia workshop, we hope to gain a better understanding of where to place our blogs, videos, and social networks in order to maximize their effectiveness. We are also interested in learning strategies and best practices for microblogging; specifically, we would like to create a successful MIIS presence on Twitter.

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